Selected 1s and 0s from Tom Atkins

A publishing workflow for teams using static site generators

If your team is semi-technical, and writes content for a static site generator such Jekyll or Hugo, you may have wondered how to approve new content before deploying it to production.

For solo writers this isn’t a problem. You can preview the site locally. But how do you share new content with your team for proof-reading and approval before publishing?

This post shows how you can do that using Hugo, GitHub and Netlify deploy previews.

Android without Google Apps

Vlad Brown has kindly published a translation of this post in Russian: Android без приложений от Google via

As part of my Keybits project I wanted to see how feasible it was to run my entire personal computing environment without being tied to a single major commercial entity. This means using as much open source software as possible on the devices I use:

Configure autoreload for IPython

IPython is truly wonderful for developing with Python. It comes with useful defaults, but one thing I was missing was autoreloading of modules. These answers on stackoverlflow include everything you need but the correct solution for newer versions of IPython (1.1.0 at the time of writing) isn’t spelled out in one place, so I had to combine elements of several answers.