Sep 11, 2023

Proudly presenting PostOwl!

It's been a long time ambition to create a useful open-source web application. A bit like music, there's a vast amount of software being created, so why make more? Mainly to 'scratch my own itch'. PostOwl is something I want to use. It's also, hopefully, something I'll be able to recommend to people when they say 'I want a personal website that's simple to update'.

In the past I've tried creating web apps on my own. My programming skills are quite basic, so the results weren't very inspiring. For PostOwl I worked with Michael Aufreiter who's spent more than 10 years exploring ways of creating editing interfaces for the web. This culminated in him sharing which was exactly what I had in mind for the PostOwl editing experience.

PostOwl is currently a 'technical preview'. The appplication works well and the infrastructure around the project is in place (website, newsletter, GitHub repo, feature requests etc). This stage has been really useful to refine things and hear some feedback.

Now I'm working on making a hosted version so that people can get their own site without any technical knowledge. This is probably a crazy thing to do as hosting other people's content is generally considered to be a thankless task. But I believe in the open web and think people need something easier to use than WordPress and cheaper to host than Ghost. Due to the technology choices I made for PostOwl this should be possible. Wish me luck!

P.S. - Oh and I need to start my own PostOwl site and probably retire this Ghost powered one...

^ Done - we’re now running on PostOwl!


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