Android without Google Apps

As part of my Keybits project I wanted to see how feasible it was to run my entire personal computing environment without being tied to a single major commercial entity. This means using as much open
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Configure autoreload for IPython

IPython is truly wonderful for developing with Python. It comes with useful defaults, but one thing I was missing was autoreloading of modules. These answers on stackoverlflow include everything you n
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Software development choices

Introduction and backgroundFor the last 15 years I have spent most of my work time using computers and the internet. I’ve designed websites, administered servers, customised WordPress and run Distance
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Piwik - open source web analytics

As part of my experiment to self-host web services I recently installed Piwik. Piwik is an amazingly feature rich web analytics application. I didn’t expect much compared to the might of Google Analyt
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XFCE and Sublime Text colour schemes

XFCE in Xubuntu comes with the very acceptable Grey Bird theme. I wanted something that could match perfectly with Sublime Text and the XFCE Terminal. Here’s what I ended up with and I’m extremely hap
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Tom Atkins

Finding the best ways to own and control your digital life. Helping with marketing and IT for companies I care about. Open Web and basic income promoter. Read more detais about me here…