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My name is Tom Atkins. This is my personal blog and website. You’ll find posts about things that I’m currently interested in - mostly computer and Internet technologies with a sprinkling of sustainability, remote working, and life thoughts. The ‘photos’ section is a collection of my favourite photos.

I’m an advocate of the Open Web and open source software.

Promoting the idea of a universal basic income is how I entertain people in conversation :-) The revolutionary power of this politically achievable idea is not to be underestimated!

Current work

I like to use my IT skills to help people get useful things done with computers. Currently I work remotely for CircleCI as Head of the Support Engineering team.

Remote working and living amongst nature

Living in beautiful West Cork, Ireland provides a great antidote to hours spent working with computers. I’ve worked remotely for over a decade and feel incredibly luck to be able to enjoy living in a rurla area whilst being able to earn a living for my family.

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