About is the personal website of Tom Atkins. I use 'keybits' as a username on the web. If you want to get in touch, feel free to send an email to 'tom at keybits dot net' or follow me on Twitter or Mastodon.

About Me

I live and work in West Cork, Ireland.

I like to use my computer skills to help people get useful things done with computers. Currently I'm working as a Senior Manager for the Support team at Algolia. Previously I worked at GitLab as a Support Engineering Manager. Before that I was Head of Support at CircleCI. I'm currently improving my web application development skills by learning Elixir and Phoneix.

I'm an advocate of the Open Web and open source software. Promoting the concept of a universal basic income is important to me as I believe it has great potential for improving society and the way humans care for the environment.

I've worked remotely for over a fifteen years and feel fortunate to enjoy living in a rural area while earning an income using computers.

I spend my free time gardening, walking in nature, taking photos and occasionally doing a bit of DJing for friends. I like trees and have planted quite a few 🌳

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Looking into a low sun above hills in West Cork
Looking into a low sun above hills in West Cork